Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara the Star Plus television show produced by Panorama Entertainment has seen engaging drama with Shivam (Avinash Mishra) falling for Sachi (Aarchi Sachdeva). However, he also has a misconception that he chats with Sachi, while the truth is that he chats regularly with Sajeeri (Prerna Singh). We saw how Shivam liked the dish that Sajeeri made at the finale of the Food Competition. He was surprised to see Sajeeri having so much of culinary skill and awarded her as the winner.

The upcoming episode will see Sachi planning to give Sajeeri a makeover and will organize a thorough transformation for her friend, with proper makeup. Sajeeri will be going through the process of getting dressed when Sachi will have to leave for her appointment with the dietician. When Sachi will be gone, Sachi’s mother will ensure that things go wrong for Sajeeri. She will tell the beautician to ruin her makeup and give her rather loud makeup, typical of a joker’s makeup. Sajeeri will be unaware that the beautician is taking advantage of her, and is giving her a bizarre look.

Sajeeri will not see herself in the mirror and will get dressed. The beautician will give Sajeeri an impression that she is looking amazing in the makeover. However, the truth will be that she will have a weird makeup.

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Ep 21 14th May Written Episode Update

Sajeeri saved Reha from the locked room. Shivam’s grandmother chose Sachi for Shivam as she was rude towards Nalini.

What will happen next?

The main crux of the show is Sajeeri’s journey of self-transformation. It portrays the journey of self-confidence transportation, illustrating how a girl decides to make her ordinary life extraordinary. The friendship between Sajiri and Sachi will also be explored. While Sachi is beautiful, Sajeeri lacks confidence even in front of everyone. Avinash Mishra, Prerna Singh and Aarchi Sachdeva play lead roles.