Meher will find out about Rehaan cheating on Mahira in Star Plus’ Mariam Khan – Reporting Live.

Meher to dissuade Mahira from eloping with Rehaan in Mariam Khan

Star Plus’ show Mariam Khan – Reporting Live (Somersault Productions) is presently focussing on the wedding drama and the inter-personal relationships that are at stake during the wedding.

As of now, Meher (Sheena Bajaj) has been stopping Mahira (Priyanka Khandwal) from eloping with Rehaan (Paras Kalnawat).

In the coming track, Meher will go to Shahnawaz house and unearth the big truth of Rehaan cheating on Mahira. However, she will not be aware of Rehaan having a changed mind and having really fallen for Mahira.

Meher will come home and try to tell Mahira about Rehaan cheating on her. However, Mahira will not hear to it.

How will Meher try to salvage the situation for Mahira?

Meanwhile, Mahira will decide to elope with Rehaan. A lot of tashan between Meher and Rehaan will be shown in the upcoming track.

We buzzed artists but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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