Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Mehndi Wala Ghar’ is a family drama that follows the humble Agrawals living in Ujjain and their complex familial bonds. The show makes viewers question whether the Agrawals will remain united as a family in the wake of challenges. According to the previous episode, viewers witnessed Mauli (Shruti Anand) deciding to end her relationship with Rahul (Shehzad Shaikh).

In the upcoming episode on 1st July 2024, the audience will see an interesting twist when Mauli and Rahul are disappointed with Rati as she steps out in public in a married woman attire, which makes the neighbors suspicious. Rati tries to manipulate Mauli by convincing her that she stepped out to pray for Rahul and Mauli and pins the blame on Tanvi. Will Mauli see through Rati’s intentions, or will Rati succeed in ruining Mauli’s relationship with Rahul?

Mehndi Wala Ghar is Sony TV’s popular show. It is a captivating drama about family, love, and traditions, celebrating life’s beautiful moments and cultural heritage. The show casts Shruti Anand and Shehzad Shaikh in lead roles.