Mera Balam Thanedaar the Colors television show produced by Shashi Sumeet Production has seen major drama with Veer (Shagun Pandey) and Drishti (Srishti Singh) being at the receiving end with Bulbul (Shruti Choudhary) trying hard to teach them a lesson. We recently saw the party ambience where a romantic sequence was built with Veer and Bulbul.

The upcoming episode will be about Bulbul teaching Veer and Drishti a fitting lesson. She will come up with the plan where she will put Drishti in a problem situation. She will be seen coming up with a legal document and will reveal that Veer has been demoted to a Hawaldar from being an IPS officer. She will tell Drishti that a man who cannot be a faithful husband cannot serve the Nation, and hence the demotion has been announced for Veer. Drishti will be shocked to see the chawl in which they will have to live. Bulbul will tease Drishti that she will live a lavish lifestyle while Drishti will have to stay in a chawl. Drishti will be worried about her lifestyle in the chawl.

Drishti will be worried about Veer becoming a Hawaldar. Bulbul’s coming and taunting them will be the main highlight of the coming episode.

What will happen next?

Mera Balam Thanedaar is the story of an underage girl, Bulbul, who gets married to an IPS officer, Veer. After their marriage, the couple faces the ups and downs of life. Bulbul prohibits Veer from getting close to her, which worries him. The show casts Shruti Choudhary and Shagun Pandey in lead roles.