Molkki the Colors show produced by Balaji Telefilms has seen Purvi (Priyal Mahajan) cope up with the stress of Sakshi (Toral Rasputra) coming home. With Sakshi being close to the kids, Purvi has even adjusted and handled the situation well.

We wrote about Sakshi’s friends coming to see her after getting to know of her health being fine now. Prakashi will instigate the man against Purvi and will give him the easy license to get close to Purvi. This will result in the man touching Purvi indecently, which will end in Purvi slapping him.

Now in the coming drama, Manas and Juhi will participate in the fancy dress competition and both Sakshi and Purvi will make dresses for them. However, the kids will like Purvi’s dress. But when Purvi will get to know of Sakshi too having stitched dresses, she will deliberately pour paint on the dresses stitched by her so that the kids get to wear the dresses made by Sakshi.

Sakshi will even notice this act of Purvi and will thank her for it.