Molkki the Colors show produced by Balaji Telefilms has seen Purvi’s (Priyal Mahajan) unique idea wherein she will prove her innocence by making a fake video of Virendra (Amar Upadhyay). As we have already written, Purvi and Sudha will plan something big and Sudha will get close to Virendra which Purvi will shoot.

Purvi will present the same video in the Panchayat, and will explain to Virendra that the same happened to her and that she was not in the video and it was some other girl, just like how Sudha’s face has been replaced by another girl here.

Virendra will be convinced and enlightened with the trial and will accept that Purvi is innocent.

This will lead up to Virendra profusely apologizing to Purvi and promising to start life afresh with her.


Will we see Virendra and Purvi’s love confession now?

As we know, the next big track of Virendra’s first wife Saakshi (Toral Raspurtra) being alive will come to the fore soon.