Raunak and Musakaan will find out the truth of Laal Darwaza in Star Bharat’s Musakaan?

Musakaan: Raunak and Musakaan on a mission to find out the truth of Laal Darwaza

Star Bharat’s leading show Musakaan in the recent track has seen too many twists and turns in the episodes. With Sirji’s recent transformation into a negative character, the show showcases the trials and tribulations Raunak and Musakaan are facing.

In their recent episodes, we come across Raunak and Musakaan working as servants in the brothel so that they can return the loan of 12 lakhs which they had taken from Sirji for the treatment of Raunak’s mother Gayatri.

While working in the brothel Raunak and Musakaan come across a Laal darwaza which is closed for the last 25 years and the key lies with the caretaker of the brothel named tabassum. Now, Raunak and Musakaan are trying every way possible to get hold of the key. Sirji is completely clueless about the fact that Raunak and Musakaan are trying to find out the secret behind the Laal darwaza.

What is Sirji hiding behind the Laal darwaza? Will Raunak and Musakaan be able to expose Sirji secrets which he has hidden behind the closed doors for so many years? Or will Sirji be successful in keeping his secrets intact?

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