Pancham will think of another idea to bring back Pintu who has been announced to hafe gone missing. How will he do it?

Pancham to bring back Pintu to secure the car in Jijaji Chhat Per Hai

SAB TV’s popular show Jijaji Chhat Per Hai (Edit II) is presently revolving around the plan of Pancham (Nikhil Khurana) and Elaichi (Hiba Nawab) trying to kill Pintu Bhabhi so that Pancham’s line is clear in marrying Elaichi.

We recently reported about news coming that Pintu has won a car worth 21 lakhs rupees which will again put Pancham in thought of bringing back Pintu.

Around the same time when Pancham and Elaichi will plan to announce Pintu going missing, there will be chaos about a chudail being on the run in Chandni Chowk. This will give them an idea of linking Pintu going missing to the chudail being around.

As per sources, “Pancham will announce that Pintu has gone missing and they will have a mourning moment for Pintu when the news of the car being won will come.”

Immediately, Pancham will think of another plan and will tell all that Pintu was found unconscious on the banks of the river. At the same time, the news will also come of the gang that was getting dressed up as chudail to loot people has been caught.


We buzzed artists but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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