Pandya Store the Star Plus television show produced by Sphere Origin has seen engaging drama wherein Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) has got the biggest shock of both Chiku and Isha deciding to go away from their lives. The exit of Chiku from their lives, added to a health hazard for Suman. She suffered a brain stroke and was hospitalized. Natasha was in complete grief and fear of losing her DaMa. The doctors pronounced DaMa to be critical and of them having no hope to revive her.

The coming episode will see Natasha exuding all her anger and frustration on the Makwana family. Unaware of all that has happened in the Pandya house, the Makwanas will be rejoicing at their Holi party when Natasha will barge in and ruin the setup. She will question them on their joy when her DaMa is critical. The family will be shocked to know that DaMa is critical. When Dhawal will volunteer to go with Natasha and be of help, Amba will stop him from going. Natasha will remind Amba of the signatures and deal they have agreed upon. Amba will instantly talk about making the papers and forcing Natasha to get the signature. The Makwana family will be shocked to know the truth from Amba. Natasha will in this way, expose the truth before the family.

Pandya Store Ep 1096 15th April Written Episode Update

Natasha got a shock when Suman fell ill and fainted. At the hospital, it was revealed that Suman suffered a brain stroke.

What will happen now?

As we know, Pandya Store has gone through a generation leap. With the audience bidding adieu to its earlier cast, that included Kinshuk Mahajan, Shiny Doshi, Akshay Kharodia, Kanwar Dhillon, Alice Kaushik, Simran Budharup, Mohit Parmar, Maira Dharti Sharma, the new cast has entered. Priyanshi Yadav and Rohit Chandel play the leads.