Parineetii the Colors show produced by Balaji Telefilms has seen engaging drama with Neeti (Tanvi Dogra) getting pregnant with Rajeev’s (Ankur Verma) child. On the other hand, Parineet (Anchal Sahu) has left Rajeev’s home and has got further shock of Neeti’s pregnancy. Parineet does not know what to do about her future.

At this juncture, there will be bad news coming of Neeti’s ill mental health. The doctor will advice that Neeti should not go through any kind of stress as she is weak in the body and is pregnant too. Rajeev will be forced to take Neeti home as her Sanju.

We hear that Pari will also accompany Neeti into Rajeev’s house to take care of her as her friend. Meanwhile, Rajeev will also get into a guilt trip for ruining Parineet’s life. It will be interesting to see how this love triangle gets more complex.


What will happen with all three Rajeev, Neeti and Parineet being under one roof?