Parineetii the Colors show produced by Balaji Telefilms has seen the shocking twist of Parineet (Anchal Sahu) revealing to the entire Bajwa family about Rajeev’s (Ankur Verma) real truth. She will decide to take a big move in her life and that will be of walking out of her marriage. As we know, Parineet got to know about Neeti being the love of Rajeev’s life. While she has the pain of being betrayed in love, she has to sacrifice for Neeti’s sake. However, she is also weary of the fact that Neeti is not aware of Rajeev’s misconduct.

The coming drama will see Parineet telling all in the Bajwa house that love never existed between them, and now that she is moving out of Rajeev’s life.

The drama will see Parineet walking out of the house, but meeting with an accident.

Post this, Parineet will go missing, but the family will assume that she is dead.

Where will Parineet go? Will she confront Neeti with the truth about Rajeev?