Parvati will take the avatar of Annapurna in the Colors mythological show.

Parvati’s Annapurna avatar on Colors’ Mahakali

Colors’ Mahakali – Anth Hi Aarambh Hai (Swastik Productions) will see Parvati’s (Pooja Sharma) Annapurna avatar this weekend!!

As part of a celebratory affair in Kailash, Parvati will get into the Annapurna avatar and gives sumptuous food to all the Devs. However, within no time, Annapurna will notice food being wasted by all of them. She will get angry seeing the wastage of food and will want to teach all of them a lesson.

As Parvati, she will try to tell them not to waste food. The anger in her will be so much that as Annapoorna again, she will say that she will leave Kailash in order to teach them the value of food.

With Annapoorna leaving Kailash, the Devs will face major repercussions.

On the other hand, Andhak will make a big plan to capture Mahakali.

How will Annapoorna’s moving out of Kailash affect the devlok?

We could not get through to the artists.

Watch this space for more updates.

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