Pishachini the Colors show will see Pavitra facing stiff opposition in Rocky's family.

Pishachini: Pavitra gets rejected by Rocky’s family

Pishachini the Colors show produced by Mrunal Jha and Shakuntalam Telefilms has seen engaging drama with Pavitra (Jiya Shankar) marrying Rocky (Harsh Rajput). She has succeeded in defeating the efforts of Rani (Nyrraa M Banerji) of becoming the Maha Pishachini. However, Pavitra has faced stiff opposition with the bridal swap that happened. We saw how Rocky took the blame on himself and asked his family not to question Pavitra for whatever happened on the wedding day.

The coming drama will see Rani’s determination to make Pavitra’s married life a hell in the house. She will make use of Prateek and Dadaji to brainwash the minds of Rocky’s family. They will worry over Pavitra’s intention behind marrying Rocky. This will instigate the family against Pavitra all the more.

Pavitra will face stiff opposition wherein Rocky’s family will not accept Pavitra as their daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Rani will also face tough time as she will have to face an uphill task now of becoming Maha Pishachini.

Will Rocky be able to convince them?