Pishachini the Colors show produced by Mrinal Jha and Shakuntalam Telefilms has seen the intriguing drama around Rani (Nyrraa M Banerji) wherein she is trying her best to woo Rocky (Harsh Rajput). With their wedding date finalized, there is a lot of happiness in the Rajput family. However, Pavitra (Jiya Shankar) who has gotten to know of Rani being the Pishachini, has decided to stay back in the house to expose her.

The coming episode will see the Rajput house planning a big celebration for Janmashtami. They will plan a skit of Bal Gopal followed by his maha aarti. Rani will pretend to be sick by burning herself for a while so that her body would be hot and she can fake illness.

On the other hand, Himani and her parents will be worried for Vikas. She will decide to go out of the house to find her brother during the Janmashtami celebration. However, Rani will get to know about this.

Who will win this battle? Will Himani expose Rani?