Pishachini the Colors show will see the sandook drama getting bigger.

Pishachini: Sandook drama intensifies

Pishachini the Colors show produced by Mrunal Jha and Shakuntalam Telefilms has seen engaging drama with Ayodhya Dadaji’s life being in danger. As we know, Dadaji has been on the lookout for the sandook in which Rani (Nyrraa M Banerji) was trapped years back. He has put Pavitra (Jiya Shankar) to search for it. Pavitra has in turn taken the help of Rocky (Harsh Rajput) to search for the sandook.

The sandook drama will intensify when Prateek and Amrita will recollect their sob story and will want Rani to never go to Bareilly. Hence Prateek will hide the sandook in a chandelior which will be placed up. However, Pavitra will spot the sandook and will want to stake a claim on it when Ayodhya Dadaji will grab a strong hold on the sandook and will run into the woods.

We had earlier written about how Rani will be after Dadaji’s life in the woods.

What will happen now?