Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak the Colors television show produced by BBC and MAJ Productions saw Poonam’s (Trupti Mishra) life being in danger, not once but twice. We saw her buried under the ground along with the car. We also saw her being kidnapped from the hospital. Raj (Karamm Rajpal) has had a fight with his siblings over the identity of Poonam. Shrey, Nirvaan and Geetu believe that Poonam could be a reincarnate of Poornima. However, Raj is not ready to accept the theory and believes that if that was the case, Poonam would have told it out. However, Raj does not realize that Poonam has remained silent as Shaina stands as a constant threat to their relationship.

The coming episode will see Poonam finding a reason to get into Raj’s room. She will remember her past as Poornima, and the happy moments she had with Raj. She will see the jacket in red colour that she had gifted to Raj. She will wear it, feel Raj’s presence and warmth. Raj will come into the room, and Poonam will behave that she is hallucinating that royal dream and will talk about it. While talking, she will fall on to him, and the two of them will have a close moment.

Raj will try his best to move away from Poonam, while Poonam will be happy being in Raj’s arms.

Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak Ep 54 11th April Written Episode Update

Poonam got into danger again, when she was kidnapped. She later told Nethra that she remembered everything and wanted to expose Shaina.

How will Poonam reveal the truth to Raj?

Starring actors Karamm Rajpal and Trupti Mishra in lead roles, the show chronicles the immortal love story of Rajneesh, a city-bred medical student, and Poornima, a resilient village girl; they fall for each other and unite with an eternal promise to stay together forever.