Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak the Colors television show produced by BBC and MAJ Productions has seen engaging drama with Raj (Karam Rajpal) and Poornima (Trupti Mishra) recollecting the past. The Raghuvanshi family, especially Raj now believes that Poonam is Poornima. They have had an emotional reunion. However, Poonam has been jittery about how the society would see their relationship. And as predicted, Kuhu expressed her unhappiness with her father marrying Poonam. Raj realized that although the love between them has never changed, the age gap between them and the new bond can create problems. Raj was seen telling his family that he would take up the responsibility of Poornima’s career and that he would see to it that she fulfilled her dream of becoming a doctor.

The upcoming drama will also give a hint to Raj and Poornima that the masked man is still around and that it was not Chachaji. We saw Chirag giving them the first clue about the man being around.

In the episodes to air, Raj and Poornima will be attacked and their lives will be in danger. The audience will also be surprised to see that Sumitra, Raj’s mother is the person wearing the mask. We have always seen Sumitra to be a very concerned and caring mother to Raj. We wonder what prompted her to try killing Raj and Poornima.

Qayaamat Se Qayaamat Tak Ep 60 19th April Written Episode Update

Raj told his family that this Poornima was back. Poornima showed evidence of her rebirth and the family accepted her.

What will happen now?

Starring actors Karamm Rajpal and Trupti Mishra in lead roles, the show chronicles the immortal love story of Rajneesh, a city-bred medical student, and Poornima, a resilient village girl; they fall for each other and unite with an eternal promise to stay together forever.