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Qurbaan Hua will see the end of Karan Jotwani with Neel’s face getting burned totally.

Qurbaan Hua Spoiler Alert: Neel to get BURNED by melted iron

Qurbaan Hua the Zee TV show produced by Full House Media will see Chahat (Pratibha Ranta) keeping her Karwa Chauth fast for Neel’s (Karan Jotwani) wellbeing.

However, Chahat will be in danger as Ghazala (Parakh Madan) will want to kill Chahat to get proof of Chahat being dead so that she can claim the huge insurance money.

On the other hand, Naveli’s mother will also want to kill Chahat and will ask her to come to the iron factory if she wants to see Baig.

While all will assemble at the iron factory to kill Chahat, Neel will see Chahat running out of the house in a hurry and will follow her.

And what will happen at the iron factory will be totally dramatic.

We at IWMBuzz.com were the first to report about actor Rajveer Singh replacing Karan Jotwani in the show.

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As per a reliable source, “This will be the end of Karan in the show. While looking for Chahat, Neel will notice the iron melting machine being on and he will try to save Chahat. However, the melted iron will fall over his face and body, thereby injuring him really badly.”

This will pave way for the facial transplant of Neel in the show. With this, Rajveer Singh will enter the show.

We buzzed actors of Qurbaan Hua, but did not get revert.

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