High-voltage drama in Zee TV’s Dil Dhoondta Hai.

Raavi on a mission to reveal Sangeeta’s reality in Zee TV’s Dil Dhoondta Hai

Loyal viewers of Zee TV’s show Dil Dhoondta Hai (Dashami Creations) is witnessing major drama between Raavi (Shivya Pathania) and Sangeeta (Ashita Dhawan).

The show will now see a twist wherein Raavi will learn about Sangeeta being the main culprit.

As seen so far, Raavi learns that Sangeeta has stolen her jewellery and she confronts her for the same. Sangeeta confess the truth. Later, Raavi blackmails her by recording the confession.

Now, the drama will see Raavi trying to bring forth Sangeeta’s reality in front of the family. However, Sangeeta will destroy Raavi’s phone by throwing it into the water. This sequence will create high-voltage drama in the series.

We further hear, Raavi will warn Sangeeta and will take an oath to bring her evil side in front of the family. Sangeeta will get worried hence she will decide to create rifts between Raavi and her mother-in-law Anjali.

Anjali will start believing Sangeeta and would try to maintain distance from Raavi.

What will happen next? Will Raavi manage to bring Sangeeta’s reality in front of the family?

We called Shivya but she was busy shooting.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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