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Radha and Krishna’s love journey to begin in RadhaKrishn

RadhaKrishn: Radha and Krishna’s love journey to begin

Star Bharat show RadhaKrishn has received rave reviews in just a few months of airing on the silver screen. The jovial meeting of the juvenile Radha and Krishna, and the love between them will make you absolutely cry with tears of joy and ecstasy.

As per the plot, Radha’s mother-in-law Jatila provokes Ugrapat by saying that Radha has broken the rules imposed by him. Ugrapat, Radha’s father-in-law, had asked her to stay seven steps away from Krishn. On the other hand, Radha is about to go out and meet Krishn, but Ugrapat questions her actions. Radha denies the allegation and tells him that she has followed the rule till now. But Ugrapat, immediately imposes more rules on Radha but she breaks all of them and meets Krishn. Krishn is impressed by Radha’s courage.

Now, in the coming episode, after understanding the seven lessons of love, Radha announces that RadhaKrishn’s love is eternal and cannot be bound by society’s rules. Radha sits on the swing with Krishn. Balram is also happy and excited about RadhaKrishn’s love journey. Radha tells Balram that he should also experience love. Balram gets worried as Krishn hints to him that he will find his love soon.

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