Paramavatar Shri Krishna the popular &TV show produced by Peninsula Pictures will see the start of the Mahabharat track with the Pandav and Kauravs being cast.

We at have reported exclusively about the big names being brought into the show.

We have written about actors Dakssh Ajit Singh, Shresth Kumar, Salman Shaikh, Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni, Abhishek Tewari, Barkha Bisht Sengupta, Danish Akhtar, Anshul Bammi, Amit Dolawat, Sooraj Thapar, Neel Motwani playing integral roles.

We now hear of Rahul Ranaa playing the role of Dushasan in the show.

Earlier in the day we have reported about Neel Motwani and Sooraj Thapar joining the cast. Media has reported about actors Veer Aaryan and Ashish Kapoor joining the show as Duryodhan and Karn respectively.

Rahul Ranaa who was last seen in Discovery Jeet show 21 Sarfarosh – Saragarhi 1897 will be part of Paramavatar Shri Krishna.

As per reliable sources, “Rahul has started shooting for the show.”

We buzzed Rahul and he confirmed the same.