Ahaan will be left in shock with Pankti choosing to go with Randhir Ahluwalia in Colors show, Tu Aashiqui.

Randhir Ahluwalia to buy Pankti for huge money in Tu Aashiqui

Colors’ popular show Tu Aashiqui produced by Guroudev Bhalla will soon see the entry of Ankur Nayyar (as reported by us) into the thick of things.

His entry will bring in a shock to the loyal fans of the Ahaan – Pankti Jodi wherein Pankti will choose to go with Randhir Ahluwalia (Ankur Nayyar) in order to break the heart of Ahaan.

Yes, you heard it right!!

In the coming track, Randhir Ahulwalia will buy out Pankti from Anita (Gauri Pradhan) for huge money. The deal will be that if Pankti will go with Randhir, Rangoli (Krissann Barretto) will save the Dhanrajgir family from going to the streets after suffering a huge loss in business.

Somewhere, Rangoli will have connect with Randhir’s character too, is what we hear.

Pankti will whole-heartedly accept the offer and will go with Randhir.

How will Ahaan handle this moment of pain?

We buzzed artists but could not get through to them.

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