Rudra and Bhavya to re-live ‘DDLJ’ moment in Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz

Drama galore in Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz…

Rudra and Bhavya to re-live ‘DDLJ’ moment in Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz (4 Lions) is churning out lots of interesting twists and turns, and now in the upcoming episodes, makers are set to present more intriguing plots.

Loyal viewers have already witnessed Bhavya (Mansi Srivastava) being four years elder to Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) and this revelation pricking Rudra’s heart. Hence, he is not being able to accept love for Bhavya. Both love each other but they are not confessing their feelings.

Now, in the coming episode, audience can gear up to witness some lovey-dovey romantic scene of Rudra-Bhavya.

As per a reliable source, “Bhavya will decide to leave the Oberoi mansion. She will come to board the train. Meanwhile, Rudra will realize that age doesn’t matter. He will rush to stop Bhavya and pacify her. However, the girl will make her mind and decide to leave.”

Here audience will witness the iconic DDLJ train moment between Bhavya and Rudra.

Furthermore, adamant Bhavya will not stop. Hence, Rudra will also board the train along with her.

Will Rudra manage to convince Bhavya and bring her back to the Oberoi mansion?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach the actors for a comment as they kept busy shooting.

Are you excited to watch the intriguing drama? Let us know in the comment section below.

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