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Interesting drama in Star Plus show

Satya and Saumya’s marriage on cards in Ikyawann

Star Plus’ Ikyawann (Panorama Entertainment) has kept viewers glued with its interesting storyline.

Loyal viewers of the daily are already aware that Saumya (Poonam Pandey) has come to spoil Satya (Namish Taneja) and Susheel’s (Prachi Tehlan) relationship and she will be successful in her move.

In the coming episode, Susheel will win the wrestling championship and return home with entire family. However, there will be a new drama awaiting for them.

Saumya will decorate the house and dress up like a bride. Everyone will be shocked. Soon, Satya will ask her about the entire situation. She will would tell him that they are getting married and hence she has decorated the house. Satya and the family will be stunned. Later, Susheel and family would initially decide to call the police but they will cancel the decision.

Furthermore, Saumya will warn him that if he refuse to get married than she will light the house on fire and everyone will die.


After her psycho behaviour, Satya will agree to marry her.

What will happen next? Will the two tie the knot?

We couldn’t connect with the actor for a comment.

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