Shaadi Mubarak will see Preeti feeling really miserable staying at her daughter’s house. Read here.

Shaadi Mubarak Spoiler Alert: Preeti to get humiliated at Juhi’s home

Shaadi Mubarak the new Star Plus show which is presently centered around the trials and tribulations of Preeti (Rajshree Thakur) has seen her son Tarun (Gaurav Sharma) refusing to keep her with him.

The shocked Preeti will now move into her daughter Juhi’s (Shefali Singh Soni) household. However, Preeti will find it very difficult to live in her daughter’s house.

Meanwhile, Kusum (Rajeshwari Sachdev) will also butt in with her loud mouth and will express her displeasure at Preeti staying in their home.

As per a reliable source, “Preeti will explain it to Juhi and tell her that she cannot stay for long at her place as the society will not like it. Meanwhile, Sumedh (Achherr Bhaardwaj) will try to convince his mother Kusum to let Preeti stay with them.”

Pihu (Aleya Ghosh), will also create a scene when her mother will tell her to give her room to Preeti.

Will Preeti find her respect at her daughter’s place?

We buzzed actors of Shaadi Mubarak but could not get through.

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