Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki the Colors show produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions has seen major drama with Heer (Jigyasa Singh) starting her college life again, and this has upset Parmeet. On the other hand, Mahi (Sareeka Dhillon) has been creating problems for Harman (Cezanne Khan) and Saumya (Rubina Dilaik). Mahi has also gone to the extent of telling Heer her sob story.

At this juncture, Saumya and Harman will decide on a solution to end Mahi’s problems. In the coming episode, Harman will ask Mahi to give him divorce. When she will again refuse, Harman will call in a lawyer and will show his documents wherein he has decided to move the family court for his divorce.

Mahi will be shocked on hearing this, but will also threaten Harman of its consequences. Mahi will try to again count on her rights as wife of Harman and mother of Heer.

What will happen now? Will Harman and Saumya face a new threat from Mahi?