Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki the Colors show produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions has seen major drama with Mahi (Sareeka Dhillon) trying to get a solution towards having Harman (Cezanne Khan) for herself!! She has in the past episodes also asked Saumya (Rubina Dilaik) of splitting the days of the week between her and Saumya.

Mahi has also in the past tried to get the attention of Heer (Jigyasa Singh), and tell her the sob story so that she can help her get Harman for herself.

Now, in the coming drama, Mahi will reach Heer’s college and will try to talk to Heer. However, Saumya who will sniff her act will follow her and catch hold of her before Mahi could spot Heer in college.

Saumya and Mahi will have a major fight. Saumya will ask Mahi to stop grabbing Heer’s sympathy to get her rights.

Mahi will be adamant and will want her rights towards Harman.

Where will this fight end in?