Drama galore in Colors show

Shamsher to save Roop in Colors’ Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop

Loyal viewers of Colors’ latest offering Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms) can gear up for some interesting drama in the series.

We earlier reported about the dramatic birthday celebration of Roop (Affan Khan).

Now, we hear that after Shamsher (Yash Tonk) would leave the party in anger, Roop will get kidnapped by a few goons while he would be on his way to the new school.

Later, the goons will threaten to kill Roop. But soon, Shamsher with his smartness will manage to save Roop from the goons.

Furthermore, Roop’s teacher will assure him that she will speak to Shamsher about his education.

How will this drama unfold?

We buzzed actors, but could not get through to them.

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