Sherdil Shergill will see Anisha getting to know of a big truth about Raj and Manmeet.

Sherdil Shergill: Anisha gets shocked to know of Raj-Manmeet’s connection

Sherdil Shergill the Colors show produced by Parin Multimedia has seen an exciting phase wherein Rajkumar Yadav (Dheeraj Dhoopar) is getting engaged to Anisha (Sushmita Banik). As we know, Raj’s family has been in a hurry to get Raj married. However, they have not told anything about what transpired between Raj and Manmeet (Surbhi Chandna) earlier to Anisha or her family.

Now the coming episode will see Anisha getting to know about Raj and Manmeet having spent quality time at Shimla. She will be shocked to know that Raj’s family did not tell her or her family about all of it. She will doubt Raj and Manmeet’s closeness.

Anisha being a straight-forward girl will want her answers from Raj. Anisha will be unhappy about the fact that she was not told the truth by Raj and her family. She will have her own doubts on Raj and Manmeet and will want to know about it before the engagement.

What will happen now? Will Raj tell Anisha all of the truth? Will the engagement of Raj and Anisha happen?