Sherdil Shergill will see Priyanka coming up with a plan to stop Raj and Manmeet's wedding.

Sherdil Shergill: Priyanka’s vicious plan to stop Raj-Manmeet’s wedding

Sherdil Shergill the Colors show produced by Parin Multimedia has seen engaging drama with Bhairav Singh Yadav finalizing the wedding of Rajkumar (Dheeraj Dhoopar) and Manmeet (Surbhi Chandna). However, the big fact is that he aims to stop the wedding and make it come across in a different way.

As we know, Raj decided to leave the house for Manmeet. That was when Bhairav faked his heart attack and planned a vicious scheme. He later agreed to the wedding of Raj and Manmeet. However, since he had failing health, he wanted the wedding to happen in the next two days.

The coming episode will see Bhairav putting into action his big plan of stopping the wedding. On the other hand, Priyanka will also want to stop the wedding. She will make her own plan and will bring in a big scorpion. She will decide to put the scorpion in the pram of Anmol. Her idea will be that if Anmol will get stung by a scorpion and get sick, Manmeet will cancel the wedding.

Will Priyanka be able to put into act this plan? Will Anmol be in danger?