Raja helps Rani for job in Colors show Shubharambh

Shubharambh spoiler alert: Raja helps Rani for job

Colors show Shubharambh by Shashi Sumeet Productions has been an interesting watch as Raja and Rani test the power of love.

Rani, on one hand, decides to part ways with Raja for her self-respect, while Raja is transforming into a stronger man, the one that Rani always wanted him to become.

The current track narrates how Rani meets with an accident due to Kirtida’s ill intentions and foul play which Raja is unaware of. And in his quest to search for Rani, he finds Rani lying unconscious on a roadside and rushes her to a hospital.

To his misfortune, Raja and Rani’s love story will now take an unexpected turn and their love will be tested. Raja will have to win the heart of his ladylove Rani, all over again as she loses her memory.

In the coming episode, Raja will hide his identity from Rani. He will try to help her with a new. However, she will doubt him. Rani would feel that Raja is not a good guy. However, he will tell her about the job and handover the job application.

Will Raja manage to bring back Rani’s memory?

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