Raja to hide his identity from Rani in Colors show Shubharambh

Shubharambh spoiler alert: Raja to hide his identity from Rani

Colors show Shubharambh produced by Shashi Sumeet has seen quite a lot of drama happening in the last few weeks.

As we know, Raja (Akshit Sukhija) and Rani (Mahima Makwana) had a sad separation. Later, when Rani went to collect her belongings she fell from the stairs and got head injury due to which she has lost her memory. Rani has also forgotten Raja.

In the coming episode, Raja will hide his identity from Rani. He will call himself as Hemant in front of Rani. The girl will get confused and would fail to recognize him. Raja will try to prove Rani that he is Hemant and will also tell Rani’s brother to help him to hide his identity.

Will Raja manage to bring back Rani’s memory?

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