Watch out for some romantic and emotional moments during the sangeet of Chandni in the &TV show.

Siddharth and Chandni’s closeness to cause heartache to Raj in &TV’s Half Marriage

Equations have taken a toss post the leap in &TV’s Half Marriage produced by Kavita Barjatya Productions!!

The story line is now intricately poised for the wedding of Chandni (Priyanka Purohit) with Siddharth (Paras Madaan).

At the sangeet, viewers will get to see a heart-breaking moment with Chandni getting into a close dance with Siddharth.

We say heart-breaking, because this will certainly break the heart of Arjun aka Raj (Tarun Mahilani).

A source states, “Chandni and Siddharth will be seen swaying to the song Raabta. Chandni will get close in dance with Siddharth to make Raj jealous. Her idea will be to know whether Raj is actually Arjun. On the other hand, Raj will dance with Maya (Vindhya Tiwari) which will make Chandni feel uneasy.”

The uneasiness for Raj will reach its peak when Siddharth will get too close with Chandni and will even lift her up in the air during the dance. Raj will immediately walk out of the sangeet, not able to see his wife being in the arms of a stranger.


When will the love birds realize their love for each other? When will the mystery open up about Arjun’s death?

We buzzed the actors, but could not get through to them.

Watch for a sensuous performance of Siddharth and Chandni in this sequence.