Spy Bahu will see Sejal ad Yohan getting into a cute moment.

Spy Bahu the Colors show produced by Vineyard Films has seen Sejal (Sana Sayyad) and Yohan’s (Sehban Azim) closeness in the past few episodes. The two of them who are like chalk and cheese in their behaviour and approach to life, are coming together and destiny is paving a nice way for their togetherness.

The coming episode will be a visual treat for the fans of Sejal and Yohan wherein Yohan will be struggling to wear a dhoti. Sejal will notice this and will use her dupatta to teach Yohan how to put on his dhoti. While she will show it with her dupatta, Yohan will work the same thing out with his dhoti and finally will tie the dhoti in the right way.

As we know, Sejal is in Yohan’s life with a mission. Yohan is under the radar of the cops for his illegal work and only time will tell how Yohan and Sejal’s lives associate.

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