Colors TV’s popular TV show Suhaagan, produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, is preparing for a twist with an intriguing storyline. As seen so far, Bindya (Garima Kishnani) and Krish (Raghav Thakur) get stuck in the middle of the jungle. However, soon, they find a shelter where Krish prepares a romantic room for Bindya. Krish lit a fire outside, and soon Bindya came out wearing Krish’s shirt, increasing the intensity of the scene. Bindya and Krish feel lost in the romantic atmosphere.

Suhaagan Ep 353 19th April 2024 Spoiler

In the upcoming episode, the viewers will see a nail-biting twist when Krish romantically brings Bindya to a mountain cliff, which surprises her with a beautiful scenic view. Witnessing the beauty of the place, Bindya feels good and says this place is so beautiful. Krish flirts with Bindya and slowly takes her to the edge of the cliff, which raises Bindya’s heartbeat. Soon, Krish pushes Bindya off the cliff, but before she can fall, Krish holds her hand and saves Bindya.

What will happen next?

Suhaagan stars Garima Kishnani, Sakshi Sharma and Raghav Thakur in the lead. The show chronicles the story of two sisters, Bindya and Payal, who love the same guy.