Suhagan Chudail the newly launched supernatural fantasy thriller television show on Colors, produced by Peninsula Pictures has Zayn Ibad Khan, Debchandrima Singha Roy playing the leads. Nia Sharma will play the titular lead role of the Suhagan Chudail. The story plot will open up with the Chudail desiring to complete her possession of all the 16 Shringaars that are needed for immortality. She has completed 15 deaths of her husbands, and is on the verge of killing her 16th husband to get closer to her life’s goal of being immortal.

The upcoming episode will see the Chudail bagging her 16th Shringaar of maang thika by killing her 16th husband. She will come very close to nabbing her 17th when she will recognize that Devgarh’s prince Moksh is slated to be her 17th husband. However, since he is a child, the Chudail will have to wait for 13 more years to get her heart’s desire.

However, in the episode to air, Moksh will almost slip into the hands of the Chudail when Deeya will help him out and save him. Devgarh’s priest who fears Moksh being harrowed by a bad soul, will identify Deeya to be Moksh’s safety shield and will instruct Moksh’s parents to keep Deeya close to Moksh always.

In this supernatural saga, a malevolent Chudail named Nishigandha is on an obsessive quest for Suhaag ki Nishaniyan, ‘Solah Shringars’ – 16 mystical adornments that will bestow upon her unparalleled beauty and the ultimate prize of immortality. With each ‘Shringar’ she collects by sacrificing her husbands, her dark powers grow stronger. Starring Nia Sharma as Nishigandha, the Suhagan Chudail, Debchandrima Singha Roy as Deeya, and Zayn Ibad Khan as Moksh, the show has kickstarted.