Suhagan Chudail the Colors television show produced by Peninsula Pictures has seen the engaging drama of Nishigandha, the Chudail who is on her quest to win her 16th Shringaar and get immortal. And for this, she has waited for 13 more years, so that her 16th husband Moksh (Zayn Ibad Khan) returns from abroad. We saw how she tried to capture Moksh during childhood, but it was Deeya’s presence which stopped Nishigandha from doing so.

Now, years have passed, and Moksh and Deeya (Debchanrdima Singha Roy) are in love and are waiting for the day when Moksh will come back and they will unite for life.

The upcoming episode will see the excitement linked to Moksh’s return from the USA. Deeya will want their meetup to be adventurous and romantic. However, Moksh has not seen Deeya’s picture for four years. And he is eagerly waiting for the moment when he will meet Deeya.

Moksh’s family will be seen readying for a grand welcome. They will also plan the engagement of Moksh and Deeya. Deeya will be excited to meet Moksh and so will be Moksh. He will land in Devgarh and will be on his way in the jeep to the haveli. Deeya will be driving her van, and will want to meet Moksh secretly. She will send out romantic feelers to him via her paper rockets. Amidst this, Nishigandha will cast her deadly spell and will want Moksh for herself.

Suhagan Chudail Ep 1 27th May Written Episode Update

Chudail Nishigandha killed her 15th husband and was on the lookout for her 16th husband. She identified Moksh to be her 16th husband. Moksh met Deeya who went on to be his shield for life.

What will happen now?

In this supernatural saga, a malevolent Chudail named Nishigandha is on an obsessive quest for Suhaag ki Nishaniyan, ‘Solah Shringars’ – 16 mystical adornments that will bestow upon her unparalleled beauty and the ultimate prize of immortality. With each ‘Shringar’ she collects by sacrificing her husbands, her dark powers grow stronger. Starring Nia Sharma as Nishigandha, the Suhagan Chudail, Debchandrima Singha Roy as Deeya, and Zayn Ibad Khan as Moksh, the show has kickstarted.