Swaran Ghar the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has seen the expected happening with Kanwaljeet Bedi (Ronit Bose Roy) breathing his last, while he fell in Swaran’s (Sangita Ghosh) arms. His death has shattered Swaran from within and we wrote about how she did not even wait for her sons, and preferred to perform the last rites all by herself.

While Swaran has donned the colour red, as Kanwal has never liked her in sobre and white clothes, she will be even more pained upon the arrival of her sons. Her sons will start to question her over her snatching their rights from them.

Swaran will become so lonely that she will not come out of her room. She will not even eat, and will hold on to Kanwal’s portrait and mourn alone. But the twist in the tale will be that the next morning, Swaran will not be found in the house. While everyone will hunt for her, Swaran will not be seen anywhere.

What will Swaran do? Where has she gone?