Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani the Colors show produced by Optimystix has seen the huge drama at the cocktail party wherein Shreya (Patrali Chattopadhyay) spiked Kajol’s (Ishita Dutta) drink post which Kajol lost her senses and created a scene unknowingly.

At home, Kajol’s family gets worried about Kajol’s future in the house post her wedding. However, they console themselves by saying that Kajol has Arjun (Harshad Arora) who will take care of her well.

Meanwhile, Kajol’s father Bishu’s health will deteriorate and Kajol will be worried for him. She will go to meet Dr Anurag at the hospital and will yell at him for not responding over the phone call.

Anurag and Kajol will have a confrontation when Anurag will talk about doctors being blamed for the ill health of a person, while the fact is that the family does not take things very seriously.

Kajol will not understand the seriousness of what Anurag is trying to say. She will keep on asking if her father will get alright.

What will happen to Bishu?