Check out Dangal TV's popular show Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke episode 100 spoiler, where the audience will witness that Kuhu gets accused of robbery and the police come home.

Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke Episode 100 Spoiler: Kuhu Gets Accused Of Robbery

In Dangal TV’s popular show Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke the audiences are witnessing intense drama. And now, the viewers will see that Dev Narayan’s foot falls on broken pieces of glass on the floor, which results in him getting injured severely. Watching this, Kuhu crosses the line drawn by her so that she can help Dev Narayan. At the same time, Madhu and Hansini notice this.

On the other hand, Dev Narayan confesses the truth in front of his father’s photo that it was not him but his father who did the crime. Knowing this, Kuhu understands that Dev Narayan is taking the blame for the crime that his father did. Kuhu talks to Dev Narayan to unveil this truth; however, Dev Narayan points a gun on Kuhu’s head and asks her to hide the truth. Soon, Dev Narayan suffers from an asthma attack, which Kuhu tries to manage.

In contrast, Kuhu appears beyond the lines in front of every family member. At the same time, Rajeev calls the police at home to arrest Dev Narayan. As the police arrive, Rajeev goes to his room to take the pen drive as evidence for Dev Narayan’s crime, which Hansini steals, and she blames Kuhu. Rajeev and other family members ask Kuhu about the pen drive and order her to give it till evening.

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