Check out Dangal TV's Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke Full Episode 97, where Shambhu and Rajeev get angry at Dev Narayan. Let's take a full look below

Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke Spoiler Episode 97: Rajeev And Shambhu Get Angry On Dev Narayan

In Dangal TV’s popular show Tose Nainaa Milaai Ke users are witnessing intense drama in the show. Now, the audience will see that Sambhu and Rajeev find that Dev Narayan mixed poison in the drink and gave it to Shankar to drink through the video. He later found his identity through the half-moon tattoo on his hand. Rajeev gets shattered discovering this big truth and then creates a ruckus at home.

On the other hand, Kuhu and other family members fail to understand what Rajeev is talking about, but soon, Rajeev unveils Dev Narayan’s truth in front of everyone. Hearing this big truth, everyone gets shocked while Kuhu feels shattered, witnessing her family fall apart.

Then, Shambhu further reveals the truth in front of everyone about how Dev Narayan planned everything and got Shankar killed. However, hearing all this from Shambhu, Prabha slaps him, saying that Dev Narayan cannot do all these things. And then, she asks Dev Narayan to confess everything. To this, Dev Narayan confesses that he did all that for the honor of the family.

Acknowledging Dev Narayan’s truth, Prabha loses consciousness and locks herself inside a room. Kuhu calls everyone and shares that Prabha has locked herself, and then everyone breaks the door and goes inside.

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