Colors show Udaan will see huge drama with Anjor suffering from a mental trauma after witnessing the death of Sameer.

Udaan: Anjor to lose her mental stability

Udaan the Colors show has seen the huge drama of Sameer’s (Gaurav Sareen) death!!

Anjor (Tanya Sharma) was the only witness to the killing of Sameer by Ranvijay (Vikas Bhalla).

Now the coming track will see more drama with Anjor going through severe mental trauma.

Yes, she will become child-like in her mannerisms and forget her past too.


As per a reliable source, “With Sameer gone, Chakor (Toral Rasputra) will be shattered to see her daughter Anjor is such a mental state.”

How will Anjor get better?

We reached out to Tanya Sharma but she was busy shooting.

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