Udaariyaan will see Jasmine returning to the Virk house.

Udaariyaan: Jasmine returns to the Virk house?

Udaariyaan the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has seen exciting drama wherein Jasmine (Isha Malviya) has shown her true avatar by revealing the truth before Nehmat. She has told Nehmat that her parents have hidden from her, her real identity. As we wrote earlier, Nehmat comes and questions Fateh (Ankit Gupta) and Tejo (Priyanka Chaudhary) about her identity. This leaves the Virk family perplexed. Fateh and Tejo earlier tried to tell Nehmat the truth, but were unable to do so. Now, they will face the toughest task of convincing Nehmat that they love her a lot as parents.

On the other hand, we hear that Jasmine will also decide to tell Naaz about everything that is related to her family. She will also decide to show her all the pictures from her growing up days.

The coming episode will also see Jasmine returning to the Virk house in style. This will mark a big new chapter in the prime characters’ lives.

Will it be that Jasmine will be brought back to the Virk house as Nehmat’s mother? Only time will tell.