Udaariyaan the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has seen Naaz (Sonakshi Batra) having to struggle after having a breakup with Varun. She has sensed Ekam (Hitesh Bhardwaj) and Nehmat’s (Twinkle Arora) togetherness and has vowed to have them separated. As we know, Jayveer does not want Ekam and Nehmat to be together. So he warned Rupi about it and told him that Nehmat can never be his daughter-in-law. This has prompted Rupi to be strict on Nehmat. He has stopped her from meeting Ekam and having any relationship with him. However, Ekam and Nehmat keep meeting, wherein Ekam is seen in disguise with a beard and moustache.

The coming drama will see Ekam gifting a special and costly set of earrings to Nehmat. He will have his special day wherein he will take up the post of the ACP. He will want Nehmat to come to the function wearing the gorgeous jewel. However, Naaz will steal the same jewel from Nehmat’s safe locker and will sell it to make money for her fashion show.


Will Nehmat lose the trust of Ekam?