Udaariyaan will see Nehmat tracing marks on the soil while she will be searching for Harleen.

Udaariyaan: Nehmat traces hints leading to Harleen

Udaariyaan the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has seen exciting drama with Harleen (Isha Malviya) turning the table after her engagement with Ekam (Hitesh Bharadwaj). Harleen realized that Ekam and Nehmat (Twinkle Arora) love each other a lot. She not only decided to move out of it, but also exposed Advait (Rohit Purohit) by revealing that she was earlier married to Advait.

This has created a new angle of possibility of love between Ekam and Nehmat. However, Nehmat has been worried for her sister Harleen. We wrote about how Harleen was attacked by Advait. Advait hid an unconscious Harleen in the bonfire which was to be lit by the Sandhus for Holi.

Nehmat in the coming episode will be worried for Harleen’s safety. She will try to call Harleen, but will not be successful. Ultimately her eyes will fall upon Harleen’s phone lying on the ground. She will also trace Harleen’s slippers and the marks of someone being dragged on the soil. Soon she will realize that Harleen is in danger.

Nehmat will trace the marks in the soil and will reach the bonfire and will be shocked to see Harleen’s dress colour being visible from inside the fire.


Will Nehmat be able to save Harleen?