Udaariyaan will see Tejo slapping Fateh when he will accuse her of deceit in love.

Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert: OMG!! Tejo slaps Fateh

Udaariyaan the Colors show produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment has seen engaging drama with Fateh (Ankit Gupta) stopping his roka and wedding with Tejo (Priyanka Chaudhary) after the truth about Jasmine’s letter came out. We have seen heartbreaking scenes of Fateh and Tejo’s separation yet again. The track also saw Fateh lodging a complaint against Jasmine (Isha Malviya) for which she got arrested.

The coming drama will see huge misunderstandings between Fateh and Tejo. However, the plot will turn out interesting as it will be played up in the sense that Angad is the one who has created this confusion between the two lovers.

The coming episode will see Tejo requesting Fateh to take back the complaint against Jasmine. On thinking deeply, Fateh will decide to take back the complaint. However, it will be Angad who will bail out Jasmine, and Tejo will thank him profusely. However, Angad will create a scenario wherein Tejo will not see Fateh at the police station, and will not know that Fateh had actually come as per her request.

To make matters worse, Fateh will see Tejo and Angad together, and will be in shock. In one of the meetups that Tejo will have with Fateh, Fateh will accuse Tejo of deceit in love. When Fateh will tell that Tejo cheated on him when she liked Angad, Tejo will slap Fateh.

Where will this big twist lead the relationship between Fateh and Tejo to? Is Angad the black sheep?