Urvashi to confess her crime in &TV’s Siddhivinayak

Drama galore in &TV’s show Siddhivinayak with Urvashi confessing her wrong doings.

Urvashi to confess her crime in &TV’s Siddhivinayak

&TV’s popular daily, Siddhivinayak (B&M Studio) is grabbing eyeballs with its interesting twists and turns in the ongoing episodes.

In the recent episodes, viewers have seen how Siddhi (Farnaz Shetty) is making Urvashi’s (Roshni Rastogi) life miserable to make her confess her crime.

Shares a source, “Rajbir will give Urvashi another task as part of the shuddhikaran. Urvashi will have to make 1008 cow dung cakes and also drink gomutra. This time Rajbir, who is disguised as baba will tell her that Vin (Nitin Goswami) can help her in this task. Hence, they both start doing what is asked for but Vin suspects something fishy. He would doubt that the baba is a fraud and maybe it’s Rajbir who is doing this.”

Later, Vin will catch Rajbir, who is disguised as a baba. He would be about to hit him when he and the entire family will hear Urvashi’s confession. She will confess all her wrong doings. Vin will be shocked.

What will Vin’s next step be?

Unfortunately, the actors remained unavailable for a comment.

Stay hooked for more updates.

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