Colors’ popular show Tu Aashiqui (Guroudev Bhalla) has seen some gripping episodes with Ahaan (Ritvik Arora) and Pankti (Jannat Zubair Rahmani) eloping in order to lead a life away from the terror of JD (Rahil Azam). However, JD and his men have been a continuous threat to the much-in-love duo.

The upcoming track will see Ahaan and Pankti taking off to London wherein Ahaan has his concert. He will feel that they will be safe in the new land, away from JD. But Vikram (Buneet Kapoor) will decide to follow Ahaan and Pankti; but the interesting fact will be that he will plan without being in loop with his father, JD.

Yes, Vikram as we know, is very much upset over the problems his mother (Sheetal) has faced owing to Pankti. Hence he will have an intention of killing Pankti. So without telling his family and even his father about his intentions, he will follow them to London.

On the other hand, JD will be stuck at home as Sheetal (Himanshi Choudhary) who has been in coma for a while, will slowly start reacting and will try to speak. In order to save his skin, he will be forced to stay near Sheetal so that she does not blurt out all the truth about JD to the family.

Later, JD will be shocked to know that his son Vikram is also in London.

How will Vikram initiate his plan? And will JD intervene with his plan?

We hear that the team will soon leave for London and will shoot the chunk in the exotic locales soon.

We buzzed artists but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.