Drama galore in &TV’s Siddhivinayak

&TV’s Siddhivinayak (B&M Studio) will soon see some high-voltage drama in the upcoming episode.

We recently reported about Siddhi (Farnaz Shetty) trying to find proofs against Urvashi (Roshni Rastogi) to bring forth her reality. On the other hand, Urvashi is trying to attract Vin by various means.

Now, Siddhi will be trying every trick to expose Urvashi. In an attempt, she would also mix afeem in her kheer.

Meanwhile, Vin (Nitin Goswami) would be sad and lost in the thoughts of Siddhi. He would be sitting in the room drinking alcohol. While passing by, Urvashi would see Vin drinking. She will think of taking advantage of the situation and would enter his room. She will also drop a pill into his drink to make him unconscious.

Will Siddhi learn about Urvashi’s plan? What will happen next?

We buzzed Farnaz but she was busy shooting for the series.

Watch this space for more updates

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