The upcoming wedding of Aarti and Amit will see lot of drama in Star Plus’ Mere Angne Main.

‘Wedding drama’ at its peak in Star Plus’ Mere Angne Main

Loyal viewers of Star Plus’ Mere Angne Main (Sphereorigins) have been witnessing the emotional highs and lows of the prime characters for sometime now!!

The ongoing track will see the Shrivastav family planning to get Aarti (Richa Mukherjee) married to Amit (Neeraj Malviya). On the other hand, Shivam (Karam Rajpal) will be geared up for his marriage to a girl arranged by his family.

At this juncture in the story line, viewers can expect an overdose of emotions flowing through!!

As per sources, “While Aarti will be indebted to Ammaji (Krutika Desai) for showering all the love on her, she would not want to get married to Amit as she would feel it is improper to get remarried. However, Ammaji will not be aware of Aarti’s first marriage. On the other hand, Aarti would have agreed for the marriage in order to make Amit realize his feelings for Rani (Roshni Rastogi).”

There will be some high-voltage drama where the bride (Aarti) and the groom (Amit) will take to the mandap to go through the rituals of marriage. And it will be a race against time for both Aarti and Amit, with their mind being worked up with clouded thoughts.

Will Amit realize the value of Rani in his life? How will Aarti’s life shape up from here?

We buzzed the actors, but could not get through for a comment.

Watch this space for more updates.

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